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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. Traditionally, it's a day to think about what you've got (& not got) and be thankful for both. It's a day we get together, recall we're a family, and enjoy each other's company over a large meal that - in most cases - lasts from morning til night with gobs of leftovers for the next day.

If you're in P2 of HCG during this time, my hat's off to you! I am SO IMPRESSED! It's tough to be different and so "out there" with regaining control of your physical self. So, a few words of encouragement for you:

  • You're strong! Stay strong and be proud of yourself!
  • Your family is proud of you, even if you're not partaking the foods they are.
  • You're absolutely beautiful. Go look in the mirror!

And, a few things to help you through:

Where I completely expect that you'll stay 100% on protocol, temptation is greatest in situations where you've always done this or that. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. However, if you do decide to cheat, try to cheat within the foods you're allowed. Have an extra apple or an extra helping of HCG approved meat. It sounds a little silly, but it won't halt your losses for days to come. :) I tried it with that extra bread stick when I cheated.

But, most importantly, remember that the occasion is about love, friendship, giving, thankfulness, and emotions.

The meal is just there because we're all going to be hungry while we're enjoying each other's company.

Love to you and yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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