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Orange Creme de Licious

This afternoon's treat was just that - a real treat! See how beautiful it was?

Orange Creme de Licious (60 calories)
1 Orange (60 calories)
4 cinamon sticks
8 whole allspice
8 whole cloves
1 can Ginger Ale Zevia
2 drops vanilla creme stevia
1T milk
Peel orange. Get as much of the white off as you can. Slice into four rounds. Break four 4" cinamon sticks into large pieces, 8 whole allspice also broken into large pieces - so they're not completely pulverized, but they're open. To that, add 8 whole cloves. Pour them into a coffee filter (or guaze or muzlin), and form a spice envelope.

Put spice envelope into a deep bowl. Lay orange rounds over that. Cover all that with Zevia Ginger Ale. Weight it down with another bowl so the spices and oranges stay completely covered by the Zevia.

Let stand overnight to mull.

When it's done mulling, carefully pick out your orange slices. If you can get the spices out without them leaking, that's great, otherwise you'll have to strain the spices out of the Zevia. To the spiced ginger ale, add stevia, put on stove and reduce some. Add ground ginger (to taste), reduce more, then pour over the orange slices.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange zest for a real show stopper!

Chef's Notes: For pretty pictures, I strained out the "dregs" of spices from the reduction. It's not strictly necessary, but does make it look better!

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