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Raspberry Jello

Serious big YUMMMMMMYY!! This recipe is thicker than regular Jello so it would stand well for travel and such. I'm not sure you should leave it out of the frig all day long, but if you put it into an insulated lunch bag with a cold pack, this should hold up really well.

Raspberry Jello (52 calories per serving - makes 2 servings)
1c raspberries (64 calories)
1/2c water
33 drops stevia
1/2c Natural Twist Zevia (Lemon Lime)
2 envelopes Knox Gelatin (40 calories)
Mash raspberries and add water and stevia. Bring this just to a boil. In separate bowl, pour Zevia in add gelatin and let sit 1 minute. Add fruit and stevia mix to gelatin mixture and stir 5 minutes. Pour into pie dish or ramakins or other container. (Note: This recipe is doubled so I could pour it into an 8x10 pan.) Refrigerate at least 3 hours and serve!

Of note, when making this, I left the seeds *in* the dish. Where I considered straining them out, I was afraid that I'd lose the fiber from the whole berry, which would be in the raspberry if I were just to eat it whole. To stick to the protocol, that's why I made it and left the berry seeds in.

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