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Herbs and Spices

I've been watching some of the posts on the forums that I frequent and people are bored of what they're eating. One of the BIGGEST things that you can do for yourself when you're on a diet of any sort is to get a full stock of all the different kinds of spices and herbs that you can before you begin.

But just having them in your cupboards doesn't really do the trick. You also need to do your research and find out which of the herbs and spices go with your proteins. You could certainly experiment and find out which one goes with which on your own, but there's lots of resources out in the world to guide you - you just have to go get them. Books, websites, friends, family (try your Grandma!!) - they're all there and would love to help you make your meals more interesting. You could even have a get together with some of your friends and ask them to make up recipes for the diet that you would enjoy. They can taste test for you and you get a whole host of new ideas.

In fact, a quick reference can be found at this site. It's certainly far from complete, but it'll get you started if you're unsure of yourself in the kitchen. :)

Happy meal creating!

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