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4kDP: Spoke too soon

Hehehe - joke is on me!  I bragged and was so excited about my numbers whizzing by lately.  I've been brought back to earth, though.  Kinda.  I'm down another pound, but it was a little bit of a let-down after the 1.8s!

Today was actually supposed to be our last P2 day, but I think Mom wants to keep going.  I'm ok with that. I still get my coffee and our foods are still yummy.  In fact, we've used our cookbook so much that it's falling apart.  lol.  You get that when you start spilling things on it and it falls to the ground.  Your books fall apart when you flip through them two, sometimes three times daily, too.  We've been quite hard on our book, I have to say!  But it's got some great recipes in it that we use as jumping off points now, altering the original recipes with substitutes from the 4kDP food list.
A little piece of artwork I did on a 5x7.  It's a
watercolor background with acrylic flowers and
dark thrushes.
We've also been experimenting with mixing our veggies.  Guess what we've found so far?  Mixing veggies doesn't interfere with the plan.  If we want a salad these days, it's got a mix of lettuces from our garden, a sprinkle of green onion, spinach, 6-8 grape tomatoes, 1/4 cucumber, and sometimes a few grates of carrot.  Then we top that with our protein and add some red wine vinegar for dressing.  We try to keep it small, but it's not just a cup of veggies.  It's more like two cups.  We go light on the veggies with higher sugar content (carrots, in particular), but are fairly generous with the lettuces because they don't hardly register on the calorie scale, even in large quantities.

I've also been experimenting with different breads.  In the 4kDP, you get one slice of 140 calorie bread.  However, I found that 1/2 of a bagel comes in under that amount, as does a whole sourdough English muffin.  Toasted, those two treats are a perfect companion to my coffee in the morning! 

Just so you're not alarmed when it happens, our lavender garden is just about ready for harvesting.  It takes quite an effort to get it harvested, bundled, and hung for drying with just two people doing it.  I figure this year it's going to take the better part of two days and maybe into a third.  I think around Saturday, we'll be out there harvesting.  So, if we don't check in, don't worry.  We're just bringing in the lavender!  :)

Me: -1

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