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Yesterday, I mentioned the HCG brand I ordered from Amazon.  The interesting thing about that is that I got an email from the company, Wild Butterfly, with their version of the HCG diet.  I think I may be trying this one out this time around, since it came with the product *and* it looks so much easier to follow when you're out and about!  I'll call this expanded version of HCG the 4000 Diet Plan or 4kDP, just because the product is called "HCG Lean 4000 Plus Activate-8 Diet Drops."

Here's a snap shot of the main diet page:

I really love that there's a breakfast!  I also love that there's MILK included with the morning meal, because I can continue to have some semblance of my traditional Breve.  I've mentioned how much I love those liquid delights before...  Hehehe.  It certainly won't be a Breve, but I can have a Skinny Latte.  I flavor with pure vanilla extract and a little stevia, so if the milk is allowed, all is well!  :)  YAE!

I also like that there's an option for an egg and a bread...  The bread we have around my place is 160 calories per slice, which I had no idea of until I saw that the bread on this list had to be 140 calories.  I figure when I want the egg/bread option, I'll stick with my own bread (it's a sprouted grains bread with TONS of seeds and nuts in it), but just slice off a side of it and share with my Grrls.  They'll love me for it and I'll feel like I'm a spoiled HCGer, for certain...

From this point in my blog forward, any recipes I post will be made from this list.  I've caught a lot of flack in the past about not sticking to the original ultra-strict Simeon's diet plan, but why be so strict with yourself when you can use an expanded foods list and still reduce body fat?  It's basically the same thing, but more flavors to work with!  If you like the recipes posted, but want to stay with Simeon's original foods list, just substitute the protein and veggie with one from his list, then use all the same seasonings and cooking instructions.  I'll be doing something similar, as I'm adding buffalo to the list of proteins.  Buffalo already proved itself to me.  It's delicious and it works within the confines (read: fat content) of the diet requirements.

Anyway, that's it from my corner of the world for today!  Tomorrow everything should arrive and we'll begin loading Saturday, then VLCD on Monday.

Update 2012.06.23:
I should have thought of this before, but Boy Scouts Twilight camp had my brain not quite functioning properly...  Here's a copy of the 4kDP on my Google Drive, available as a public document!

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