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HCG ordered & on it's way...

We ordered the HCG yesterday.  It'll arrive on Friday, thanks to Amazon Prime!  :)  I chose to order a different kind of HCG this time.  The reviews on it are ridiculous, as they ones reporting with one star complain about the HCG being Homeopathic and not containing actual HCG.  The other side of the reviews all have 5 stars and are reporting that the HHCG works exactly as it's supposed to.

I've also ordered Raspberry Ketones.  It makes sense that they will help me keep the body in ketosis while in phase 2 & 3.  If they work as advertised, I will plan to just continue them!  This is my testing for this time, which I promise to report back about...

I'm planning a few other alterations, but they're minor, really.  I've fallen in love with Fred Meyer brand water enhancers that's similar to Mio.  The Fred Meyer brand has added B3, B6, and B12 - I see a huge difference in my energy level when I add this to my water as opposed to when I don't.  This is something I'm refusing to set aside, even for the HCG Diet.

The other thing I refuse to set aside is my toiletries.  They will all remain the same.  I sincerely hope to alleviate some of the dry skin commonly associated with phase 2.  I have trouble with dry skin already; HCG  always exacerbates it.

So, there's a few things I'm altering, but for the most part - it's business as usual!

This weekend should be the feasting days!

1 comment:

  1. I am currently doing the HCG Diet! I hope you have the success I have had! I'm on day 12 and I've lost 19.28 lbs. :) Check out my blog! www.myHCGtriumph.blogspot.com Good luck!


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