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Starting Interrupt

Today, I'm testing a new strategy while Mom continues the Steps Program uninterrupted.  Essentially, I should be able to continue the Steps HHCG, one step down from where I left off at VLCD, and still continue to lose while in interrupt.  I expect that my losses will slow down, but it will be comparable to the losses I'd experience with the X Potency of HCG this late into my round, so I figure I'm still ahead of the game.

So, what on earth (or any other planet) am I doing??  I'm testing the congruency of cycles of human body, The Fibbonacci Sequence, and HHCG Steps.

Breve HeArt
from http://www.flickr.com/photos/amanky/2326288744/
I *should be* able to continue weight release during interrupt, following the basic structure of Nature. All my research says that's the way of it.  Wish me luck!

Watch over on the Facebook page for weights, as that's where I'll post that information.

What's for breakfast this morning?

Oh, my beautiful Breve.
How I have missed thee.
Let me count the days.
1-2-20-21-Twenty Three!

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