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My non-interrupt is going well so far.  I've been on it now for 8 days and am down a further 5.2# from where I ended.  So, what am I messing around with involves quite a few "super foods," including green tea, blueberries, acai & pomegranate.  I also included black tea and white tea, just for good measure (mostly because they have a lot the same qualities of green tea, but there's a whole host of flavors outside green tea); green tea gets old.  lol.

Basically, losses are much slower than when on VLCD, but I'm zeroing in on a combination of those super foods that allow me to continue losing while on interrupt, with greater food variety.  The coolest part?  It's developing into a new diet concept!  How would a cycle like this sound to you?

  • 2 Load Days
  • 14 Days VLCD
  • 7-14 Days "non-Interrupt"
  • 14 Days VLCD
  • 7-14 Days "non-Interrupt"
  • 14 Days VLCD
  • .... Repeat the above 2 steps as often as you like
  • 21 Days of High Protein, no carbs
  • 21 Days of slowly introduce carbs back in
  • Life

If you don't like "Life," you can always go back to the 14-7 cycle.  We could probably even do  what I did, which was closer to 24-7.  :)  Hahahaha!


  1. So, are you in the HCG continually? During the interrupt as well as the vlcd?

  2. I am testing an odd thing, but I'm not ready to proclaim it a success, so I'm sort of keeping that on the down low. :) I hope you understand!

  3. Question, if you are *not* on the actual hcg or hhcg while you are on the non-interrupt portion of the protocol after only 14 days of effective doses, are you resting your hypothalmus? I thought that took 23 days?

    Makes me suspect you *are* on the hcg or hhcg during the non-interrupt. No? Yes? Do tell. Sounds good to be able to go on and off and keep cycling with results.

  4. Hi Crystal,

    The original protocol allows for "Interrupts" in the VLCD portion. As long as you have a total of 23 days ON HCG with VLCD, you're all good.

    See http://lessofmehcg.blogspot.com/2010/12/holidays-and-life.html for the actual wording of the Interrupt from Pounds & Inches.

    I can't really say yet anything about "on" or "off" HCG at this point, though. Let's just say I'm fiddling with stuff. :) It's sort of my signature mark on the HCG world.

    I *can* say that I've dropped almost 12# further from the time I had my last VLCD day, though!


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