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Steps VLCD21: Yahoo!

I think I may still be on protocol during my birthday, Feb 27th.

Just to review:
I'm testing out a new thing I've developed and it's going very well.  I'm making my own homeopathic HCG with a different potency level (LM), intended to work on a different "level" of body.  I've taken to calling the process the "Steps Program."  In fact, I moved to Step 4 yesterday and saw a 3.2# drop today and it's day 21 of VLCD!  In fact, up until I got a cold/flu thing, I was averaging 1.3# per day, and Mom was averaging .9# per day.  Those are significant when you compare them to our pre-StepsTesting averages of .9#/day (me) and .4#/day (Mom).

With those kinds of numbers, I think I may just extend this round until I can't stand it any more.  I suspect that will be a while, if I can keep the numbers up like this.  lol.  That's a real motivator to remain on Protocol.

With a 3.2# drop, I wonder if I need to "Step up" more frequently?  That number proves that it's entirely possible to lose at the same BIG rate of the first week.  That's what I want.  Not a little loss after a period of time - just big losses maintained for a short amount of time, then go through P3 and P4 and stay there for a while.  :)


  1. How do you make your own HCG? And, who do you still reccoment purchasing HCG through? I used to get the injectable kind from a medi-spa but now that is not in my budget. I'm nervous about taking the homeopathic and it not working as well as the injections.

  2. I'm getting prepared to release that information, but the kinks aren't all worked out yet and I don't think I can handle too many 1:1 lessons, lol.

    I can say that the homeopathic HCG works just as well as the Rx kind (and in some cases, even better). The HHCG gives you the option of extending your rounds beyond what the traditional HCG allowed you to, gives more freedom in taking it because you don't have to refrigerate it or need to inject it, and, best of all, gives the same results as the traditional Rx formulas.

    Homeopathics have been around and proven since the late 1700s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy). They were proven and working long before our "Western Medicine" drug system came into play.


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