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New Years Loading Days: End of Round!

Congratulations!  You're all in Phase Three (unless you decided to extend your round).  Go you!  Do you like what you see in the mirror?  Feel in your clothes?  How about feel about yourself?  This is always the best part of HCG.  lol.

Tomorrow, you go on 500 calories without HCG, then again the next day.  If you've been taking Homeopathic HCG, you're ready to increase to 800 calories and get a few fats in there.  If you chose injection HCG, you've got a third day of 500 calories, then you start your 800 calories and introducing the oils back into your system.

There's still lots of reminders coming your way about drinking your water - so don't let up, but enjoy your wider variety of foods.  And now you can mix your veggies!  Lol.

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