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Colds & Flus

It's really tough to come down with "the yuck" that seems to just always be going around when you're NOT dieting.  I've come down with it while I am dieting.  Serious Yuck.  Between cough drops and vitamins and honey lemon tea and sucrose homeopathic pellets, I don't think I stood a chance, but I'm really not doing all that awful on the scale as I thought I'd be.  I'm up 1 full pound from the day before yesterday (I didn't even want to look at the scale yesterday because I knew I was retaining water so badly).


But when you're sick, you've just got to feed your body extra vitamins.  You also just have to take care of some of the symptoms like coughing and dry throat so you can alleviate *some* of the misery.

So far, no one has come up with an answer to being ill and still stay on Protocol.  Even Dr. Simeon suggested that you take an interrupt should you become ill.

What do you do?


  1. I had the flu and kept up with protocol... felt bad but still lost!

  2. Oh no fun! It's so great to hear about another person who really tries to go the "natural approach" too! Do you take a probiotic too? We love or Vidazorb and our kids even take their Belly Boost to try and help boost up the immunities. I was just curious since you are talking about dieting too because probiotics can help with weight. I am really trying to work on some of these goals too and just love all the holistic approaches. Oh yes, and I also drink green tea - yummy!


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