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Reading Material, Maintenance

The book I referenced a couple days ago had another spot (page 93) that I thought was hilarious and wanted to share:
A cartoon recently caused a national smile when it depicted a very stout man receiving a bottle of pills from his doctor.  They are not for eating, explains the doctor, just spill them on the floor once a day and pick them up one at a time.
That's about the best dietary use for amphetamines and other pills I've come across.
Hahahaa!  I love that!  Maybe we should each buy a bottle of 250 +/- pills at the beginning of P3 for our daily exercise?  lol!  Think about all the crawling around we'd have to do to find those things under furniture and so forth.  Yikes!  Think about the furniture we'd have to move!

I suspect that I'd just have to break out a vacuum and be done with it after the first couple of tries.  Yah.  I use a Dyson Ball vacuum.  I think I did pretty good with drawing it in Paint, too!  I put the picture from Amazon so you can compare.  :)

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