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Reactive Hypoglycemia

I reported some observations about the differences between the Homeopathic HCG Steps Program I designed and am testing right now.  The first thing I reported is that I'm just not hungry and have forgotten to eat twice already.  The second thing, is I am not having *any* problems with blood sugar dropping out the bottom. Historically, I experience very low blood sugar (including the shakes and everything!) and have to eat SOMETHING fast. I try to grab a protein in those cases, but it doesn't always work. With the Homeopathic HCG Steps Program I've designed, I've not experienced that a single time this whole round. Yae!

Reactive Hypoglycemia can be caused by both hormones being off balance and the enzymes in your body being out of balance.  Here's what I do to correct the problem when I'm in VLCD.

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