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4kDP: Numbers speeding by... FASTER!

I seem to be speeding up in my losses rather than slowing down, like normal (and like Mom's doing).  In fact, I've had several full pound days, and two days of almost two pound losses in a row.  On average, I'm at a little over one pound per day of HCG.  Mom's at a little under one pound per day.  She's been having all the great success this round, as I've had in the past on the more strict (but not the original) plan.  Mom has done very well so far as we follow the 4kDP.  Better, in fact, than any previous round!

Initially, I'll admit to being a little disappointed in my far slower losses.  But I wasn't about to give up my milk for my coffee to speed it back up!  :)  Sticking with it, though, has revealed that my body seems to be warming up to the idea of this new plan.

Probably, knowing how it works and still getting my skinny breve, I would have continued with the plan anyway.  I can see, however, where a Grasshopper Personality might abandon the 4kDP and move along back to something more strict.

I think what I'm trying to say is this: Give it a shot and stick with it for at least a whole round.

You're still going to drop *some* weight.  If you're like me, your losses will come faster at the end of the round and make you wonder if you should be looking at the end!  If you're like my Mom, your losses at the beginning of the round will be greater than any previous round of HCG, and you'll be so satisfied with your morning "spoil-me," you won't even mind it when the numbers slow down toward the end of the round.

Me: -1.8 (again!)
Mom:  -0.6

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