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4kDP: Important Reasons, 2 of 4

I started telling you the reasons why I'm so pleased with the 4kDP in the last post, and wanted to continue my reasons today...

Having a large list of foods to select from has a great impact on how successful a weight reduction program is.  The strict program works, and lots of people find that out for themselves, but I also get a large percentage of those people (myself and Mom included!) who don't want to go back on such a successful program simply because it's hard to stay with it given the very small food selection.  We have some great culinary skills in our household, which is why we published a cookbook for HCG, but even we got bored with the lack of options.  So, even with no hunger as a "carrot" while dieting, we just aren't interested in doing something for ourselves that we know will provide great  health benefits.  Having a larger list of foods to choose from helps with creativity in the kitchen and keeps us interested in the whole thing.


The Boy Scouts had a campout last night, but it was rained out (whew!), so we ended up staying up until midnight watching movies and eating sweets, popcorn, and whatever else was around (um, they did, not Mom & I!).  It makes for a seriously late night, though, with dinner in the wee hours of the morning for me.  Mom planned to stay at the campout with my nephew, so she planned things out far better than I did!

Today, we've got HOUSEWORK to do.  We've ignored it all for over a week and the dust feels like it's an inch thick.  The dogs have had the run of the house and my pup has torn up papers and chewed toys and so forth.  Where I cleaned those up as we went along, I'm always wondering about the messes I didn't find yet. Pups will be pups!  We've also got piles of Boy Scouts stuff all over everywhere and the kids' books are lying here and there.  In short, you can tell that all we did was come home, cook, eat, do laundry, and sleep for a week.  I'm so glad it's raining outside else I'd also have to add weeding to my list today.  Catching up is as pleasant as an angry Momma Bear.

Ah well.  Coffee and then I guess I need to get to it.  The recycling has to be taken in this morning, so maybe that will get me motivated to get dressed and going today.  I've only got until noon to get that done!  :)  For now, I'm going to sit back, enjoy that coffee, snuggle my pup and relax.

Think the housework can just wait another day?  I want to just shut down for a little bit before the rush of life again.

Me:  -0.4
Mom: -1.2

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