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Ready to start my test!

Sunday is loading days for Mom & I.  We'll both be testing my theories!  I have remedies for beginning the round with as well as some step up remedies as weight loss slows down (which SHOULD correct the slow down).

If my theory proves successful, we should see greater weight loss & even faster than what we've seen in the past.  This is due to a more personal approach to each of us.  Mom typically loses weight more slowly than I (we suspect this is because of menopause and so forth).  So, we'll probably be stepping Mom up more swiftly than I will.  But that's a guess on my part at this point.

So, Loading Days forward ho-o!

The testing calendar, if you care to follow us as this test unfolds, is below.  You can subscribe to it by clicking the + Google Calendar in the lower right hand corner of it.

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