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On Interrupts: Reader Q/A

Terri asked me: "When you have done interrupts did you gain weight? if not how did you prevent it? I have to take one already and am worried."

I did gain weight, initially, Terri. That's when I came up with the concept that if you eat at least one meal per day with either the apple/cheese combo or a steak/tomato combo, it seems to correct the potential gain.  
Those options are the two that result in the largest (what I call) "Pre-Correction. Oft times, I even witnessed a lower weight coming off of Interrupt than when I started it by up to 5 pounds following this little rule. 

But, every day when I'm on an Interrupt, one of my meals is one of those two options.  
Having just two choices of meal makes it nice and easy.  

Pre-Corrections works on the premise that your body needs the protein/fat as well as a diuretic to ensure the water you're drinking pushes through your body in an efficient manner.

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