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Water Games III

Thought I was done with the Water Games?  Hahaha!  Here's some more for you.  Are you having fun yet?

  • Ice Ice Baby.  Make some different flavored ice cubes and pop into your glass or bottle.  Even more fun is if you add a little food coloring to it.  This little game even gets kids to drink their water.
  • Text Me!  Set up a schedule to SMS yourself with this tool:  http://www.textreminders.net
  • Oh Enchanted Evening (or Day).  The whole day long, drink your water from stemware, poured from a fancy water jug.  You'll feel spoiled, and it's just water!
  • Garnished Water.  Garnish your water with lemon slices, lime slices, mint, rosemary, cucumber, or tomatoes.

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