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HomeopathicHCG Theory/Hypothesis

  • Based on the facts posted previously, should we be mixing the potencies of HHCG the way we do when we take the drops?
  • If we stopped mixing the potencies, would we be able to correct the slowdown encountered, typically, in week two?  Would we be able to lose, the whole time, at the very high rates encountered during the first 10 days?
  • Should we start out with 3x, await the slowdown period then move up to 6x, await another slowdown period and move up to 10x, and so on?

Jayme's Theory/Hypothesis
Dosing by individual potencies, rather than mixing potencies into a single dose, will enable us to maintain higher rates of fat loss throughout the entire Protocol.

Proposed Test Design
During the next round, I'm going to make my own HHCG and take it one potency at a time to observe the effects a single dose has on the weight loss process.  I shall take the one potency until the day my weight loss drops below one full pound, then on that day move up to the next potency.  I have an outline of what I think will happen, and will update with actual data as I move along in my test.
Days Taken
Days Taken
LM 0/110.
LM 0/210.
LM 0/38.
LM 0/5.510.
LM 0/1110.

  1. Picture depicting that my theory/hypothesis is sound:  http://www.clinchem.org/cgi/content/full/49/5/808 


  1. Very interesting! I am eager to know the results... how will you make your own HCG? Would you consider doing it for someone else?

  2. Interesting, as will be the results. can't wait to see how it goes!

  3. I completely agree. I wish I had a magic ball of some sort so I could see the future of how it turns out! lol. Sometimes, I'm just so impatient.

  4. Hi Caitlin,

    Provided my test works as I think it will, I absolutely will be looking for "alpha testers" (2-3 people willing to be in the second set of testing), followed by people willing to be beta testers (10-12 people willing to be in a third set of testing).

    If all goes well and my theory is correct, it will revolutionize the world of HHCG. It may even get better results than the original HCG, as Dr. Simeon reported it in his document Pounds & Inches.

    There's a lot involved in how to make it and I can direct you to a school to teach you how. It takes about 10 months to complete the courses. I wouldn't be able to do 10 months' worth of instruction in a blog, though, and do it any justice. Truthfully, it would be very irresponsible of me to try! :) If you really want to learn to become a Homeopath, though, let me know and I'm happy to share that information!


  5. Hi
    Can you explain "Mixing the Potency"
    Do you buy the hCG in powder and mix it with something right before you take it?
    Does the hCG store ok and do you need to keep it in the fridge?

  6. Hi Marlene,

    I'm actually making my own Homeopathic HCG using the homeopathic methods first created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. I'm doing at home (after more than a year of training) what lots of labs are doing. I didn't buy the HCG from anyplace - I created it.

    Did that answer your question?



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