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NYL2011: Last Day of Loading!

First, I wanted to make sure you know that NYL2011 means New Years Loading 2011.  I needed to figure out a way to differentiate between the two calendars/schedules I'm following, which are only a week apart from each other.  That's the solution I came up with.

Today should be your second day of loading, and the last one I've got on the calendar.  If you choose to go three days, of course the whole calendar will be off by a day, but it's *totally* your choice!  Have you clicked on any of those events?  Some of them have messages other than just the title you see below.

In the calendar, I have your to-do list already set for tomorrow.  I didn't mention that, probably, today would be a good day to take stock of the foods you have in the frig/freezer/cupboards and make sure you've got everything for the week's meals...

I suppose I should add that bit, just in case you're not following the blog, but just the calendar, huh?


K, that's done!  I'll redirect you to the foods list, so you can print that out and take it with you while you shop.  It just makes it easier if you have the list with you to refer to.  Sometimes, you forget that you *can* have something when you're getting what you're used to.

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