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First, CDL2010 means Christmas Day Loading 2010.  I'm just trying to differentiate between the two calendars, which are only a week apart!

So, you've been in VLCD now for a few days, right?  How's it going??  The first week or so of following the HCG Protocol is my favorite to hear from people about.  :)  There's so much going on and so much fat getting burned.  Everyone is always so pleased with the results they're getting.

On the calendar, there's a special message for you today.

We hope to hear from you in the comments about how you're doing!!


  1. I started a little bit later and just found your blog. I started the 28th as it took a bit longer to get the hcg. I have lost 9.8 pounds and seeing the scale drop every day is so motivating! So glad I found places like this. :) Thanks.

  2. Yahoo, Sunny! Way to go! I LOVE the first 10 days or so because there's just so much going on... It slows down a little after that, but it's still about a pound a day. There's just days that you lose only half pounds. :)


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