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Plans for my next round

My next round, the whole thing, is a big ol' huge test for me.  I'm making my own HHCG to test out.  Going to school and learning Homeopathy has really been a great thing for me!  It's a lot of fun & a whole lot more "work" than I ever suspected.  Mostly, the "work" is observation skills.  The tricky part is, though, if you miss something, it could completely make the remedy you're making null and void.

HHCG is pretty straight forward, though.  You just have to make sure you've got all the right doses combined into one bottle.  After I make the wet HHCG, I'll try my hand at dry HHCG (pellets), too!  Now that I know what I'm doing and the theory behind it, I wonder if I can improve on the original?

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