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Orange Spinach Salad

Today's lunch was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed a citrus salad alongside Orange Roughy made up like it was the halibut from Herb the Halibut.

Orange Spinach Salad (73 calories)
2c spinach (13 calories)
1 orange (60 calories)
sprinkle onion granuals
sprinkle garlic granuals
vinegrette dressing (below)
Slice spinach and place in bowl. Cut orange with a knife, taking off all the white part. Save the rinds and set aside. Cut orange into quarters going the same direction as the segments, then turn and slice in half so you get small pieces. Put half of the orange into the spinach. The other half of the orange, squeeze over the spinach just a little bit before you add to the salad. Get the rinds and squeeze the juice from the cut out part of the orange over the top of that (not the oils from the rind, but the juice from the little left over parts in the white part of the orange).
Optional: Add 1T chopped sweet onion.
Liberally sprinkle onion & garlic powder over the salad, add dressing (below), toss with your hands and plate.

Vinegrette Dressing (14 calories)
1T balsamic vinegar (14 calories)
1T Apple Cider vinegar
1/8t chili powder
1/4 packet of powdered sweet leaf stevia
salt & pepper to taste
Mix together, then pour over the salad

Balsamic vinegar, generally speaking, is frowned upon in the world of HCG while on the VLCD portion. However, in comparing 1T of balsamic vinegar with the juice of 1 lemon, I found that they're similar in sugars and in calories.

A quick overview is:
1T balasmic = 14 calories, 2g sugars.
Juice of lemon = 12 calories, 1g sugars.

So, you could go ahead and delete the balsamic vinegar from the dressing recipe and just add a little more Apple Cider vinegar, sparing yourself the 14 calories, if you'd like!


  1. Wow, your P2 looks awesome! If only I could hire you to cook for me during p2..... then I would definitely be able to go 40 days no problem! :)


  2. Lol, Jen - now you know why I was so anxious to get out of the loading days and back into P2! Hhahahaha!

  3. Wow that looks amazing! I'll definitely make this on my next round!

  4. Jen,

    That's why we wrote the cook book and share these recipes! We want you to succeed. It's easy to put these recipes together and fast! Even with the limited number of foods we have to work with you can create meals that will satisfy and work toward your weight release. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? lol



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