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A Gift for everyone in Phases 2 and 3

Can I be blunt? Of course I can. lol. It's my blog. The UNcool part of the HCG diet is that you can't have mints - of any sort - during P2 and P3. No oils in P2. No artificial sweeteners in P2 or P3. So, if you need clean, fresh breath... Well. You're just outta luck.

Remember the "get you moving again" gift I made for you? A few people tried it out and were pleasantly surprised with the results.

However, there's a great little set of sound frequencies that work to fight bad breath. I set them all up, one after the other, to give as a gift to you all today! This is the Sweet Breath recordings for everyone. It'll work, of course, in any Phase - or no Phase. :) Just play the mp3, which lasts about 18 minutes, and you should smell clean breath within the following 20 minutes. (Gotta give your body some time to get rid of the stuff causing the bad breath...)

Tuh Dah! Sweet Breath!


  1. very interesting! i've never tried something like this. i do love music...and i do have bad breath= i'll give it a try. ;)

  2. Wellll... This isn't music - it's frequencies. Very different. Music is frequencies in a pleasing melody, while just frequencies are pretty annoying (at first).

    However, they do work! I think you'll be impressed. Brush your teeth like normal and then use this to take away the bad breath. :) It doesn't leave your mouth minty or anything - just helps get you back to neutral.



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