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FreX - Sound Therapy

Do you remember the gift I made for everyone in P2 because nearly everyone has trouble eliminating? I made that using a few different tools, but you don't have to bother with all that. You could just use FreX. It's a tool I found online that generates the right frequencies in the right order for whatever you put in the search tool.

I don't know really how to explain it, other than that it works on the same principle as the opera singer who hits the high note and is able to burst the champagne glass across the room. The frequencies vibrate the cells of the "bad stuff" until their cell walls burst and then your body's natural clean up process can happen. I use it for *everything.* Cancer, elimination, flu, sore throat, pneumonia, bronchitis, fatigue, acne, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cold sores, sprained ankles... You name it. I've probably tried it on someone - and almost every time with great success.

I made a FreX tutorial on another site of mine, furheads.com. If you have dogs or cats, you might want to check that site out, too. I'm not nearly so busy on it any more, but the info there is still valid!

Really, really, I hope you check it out. It's the first thing my niece and nephew want me to do when they're not feeling well. "Aunt Jay, will you FreX me for ....?" I even FreX us all overnight now for things like parasites and dental support.

You gotta try it. It's the best thing EVER. Ok. Right next to HCG. :)


  1. I'm not trying to rain on your parade here. I enjoy your blog a lot and am glad that you've found something that appears to work for you so well. After trying this treatment, though, I have some concerns.

    It works. Maybe too well. Whether it's coincidence or not, after trying this I had explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting all night long. Kept me up to 4 am. Maybe it was just coincidence. Maybe I'd picked up a virus or a touch of food poisoning. Maybe what I lost were toxins that I desperately needed to shed. The experience was unpleasant enough, though, that I don't think I'll ever willingly try this again. My initial thought was that it was food poisoning. After reading this post, I remembered that I'd tried FreX the night I got sick. Now, I wonder.

    I've suspected for a long, long time that my brain is wired a little differently than most people's. I am more sensitive than most. I'm worried that this sound therapy might be dangerous for some. Especially epileptics whose seizures can sometimes be triggered by sound.

    I don't know if you've ever read much Indian yogic philosophy, but the idea that certain sounds and frequencies affect certain parts of the body receives a lot of consideration. In fact, each chakra is associated with a certain set of frequencies and mantras. Without getting too metaphysical on you, it is possible that these frequencies could be over-stimulating for some people. Going down the metaphysical road, it is possible that some of the frequencies could lead to a spontaneous kundalini energy release, which can create chaos in the lives of those who aren't spiritually prepared for it.

    I googled Frex and within the first few search results I found a list of contra-indications when amplifying frequencies:

    "EM transmitters and Tactile Transducers are not the be used where ...

    5Hz or lower must not be used while driving a car. Could fall asleep.
    On anyone who has Phlebitis
    On anyone who has Thrombosis, especially 10Hz (disolves blood clots)
    On anyone who has not had several weeks of good healing after surgery.
    On anyone who has suffered a stroke.
    On anyone who is pregnant.
    On anyone who suffers from Epilepsy and convulsions.
    On anyone who has a Psychotic disorder.
    On anyone who has Glaucoma.
    On anyone who has back problems.
    On anyone who has Hypertension with resistance to Medical Therapy
    On anyone with heart problems, especially 1 Hz
    On anyone who wears a Pacemaker and or Defibrillator, especially using 1Hz
    Do not use transducers locally, near skeletal degenerative disorders.
    Do not use high powered transmitters at 7Hz."

    It certainly makes sense to me that some people might be extra-sensitive to these frequencies, and might suffer negative effects even without extra amplification. I know you'd feel terrible if this ever happened. I think it's only responsible to post a list of contraindications and a disclaimer when you promote these therapies to people. Turns out, I have at least two of the above contraindications, maybe three if you count the mental disorder one ;)

    Ultimately, the responsibility for my decision to try a therapy I knew nothing about rests with me. I should have researched the sound therapy before trying it myself. In fact, I did try, but I think in the original post, you didn't mention the term FreX and only mentioned RIFE. I couldn't find any information on it. I took a chance because you said it was the best thing ever. I can't swear that my horrible night of illness was due to this therapy.

    It is a huge coincidence, though, no?

  2. Hi Christy,

    Thanks for writing in with your results! I'm very sorry to read that you weren't feeling well!

    I'm not sure, after reading your comment, if you've gone out and purchased FreX and these are your results from FreX or if the results are from the RIFE set that I recorded. I've never experienced, nor heard of others experiencing, what you report. I use this on a LOT of people, because it works so well for everyone who tries it. However, it certainly does seem like a huge coincidence, though, you're right. Did it happen to you when you first tried it, too? You didn't post that in your comment on the original post - just something about South Park and white noise.

    FreX, provided you aren't amplifying the program via other means, doesn't have these contra-indications. You have to amplify the sounds before you get there. You have to get special equipment to do that. EM transmitters and Tactile Transducers fall into that special equipment category but computer speakers don't.

    Originally, I used a combination of programs (audacity & finale) to create the purely RIFE sounds (listed on The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL)) that I've got available through this site. FreX just offers an easy way that you could use it at your home for other things, like colds and flu.

    Regarding the metaphysical side of things - don't shy away from that! It sounds possible, from my *very limited* understanding of Kundalini energy (a snake, right?), that just about anything could release it. From the "right time" for the person and their spirituality, to sounds, to emotional stress, to a shock to the system; they could all release that energy. So, from that general understanding, not only could the sounds I set up cause a Kundalini release, but so could losing so much weight at once, a break up of a long term relationship, or even an visit to your chiropractor. Is that right?

    Since I've not heard of anyone else experiencing what you've reported, I'd like to just chalk it up to a 12 or 24 hour stomach flu bug or a touch of food poisoning. However, each person should definitely be aware that sound does affect us - each a little differently. I've often wondered what the frequency of the TV, vaccum, flourescent lights, or even just the sounds the power lines overhead make are doing to our bodies. I don't have equipement or know-how to go test that, but I've wondered it.

    Kundalini is something that sounds to me like it's an unpleasant but necessary step in the journey for enlightenment. It sounds like it opens up the "sixth senses" things so you can do stuff like see/hear the future, that you're highly sensitive to your surroundings and the foods you eat, and makes you dance weird dances in the middle of the night (someone reported this on a site where I was reading about it). Those who have kundalini happen to them sound like they think it's both a blessing and a curse.

    I think it's unlikely (though certainly not impossible - nothing is impossible) that the order of the RIFE frequencies I have (which are -all in Hz- as follows: 3176, 1550, 880, 832, 802, 787, 776, 727, 444, 440, 422, and 20) in the make you go set are going to release a spritual chaos in your system. I *can* see where it might make you have diarhea if you used it too much, though. Typically, people only use it when they need help going pooh. It's when you're constipated that these sounds could/should be used.

    Over all, I think I'm going to leave this. Dr. RIFE did years and years of research before he released his set of frequencies to the world and I trust the experiences of the majority of the world that these work only as Dr. RIFE intended them to.

    I hope that you feel better soon!


  3. Well, I only tried it the once. The sound was moderately amplified thru studio monitors. Of course, it wasn't very loud. Maybe that made a difference? I knew an epileptic woman once who got triggered by the sound of a hair dryer. Another weird sound story -- my first husband had perfect pitch (Mozart was also blessed/cursed with it). Certain sounds made him physically ill. Leaving aside all the metaphysical speculations, it is for those reasons that I am a little leery of this.

  4. Christy
    I tried the "poo" one and had wonderful results from it....wasn't quick but it did get things moving....wonder if you did have some touch of something else or if you are "allergic" to the sound waves? Don't understand half what you guys said in your discussion just wanted you to know that in trying it several times I didn't get the reaction you did....


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