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A Gift for everyone in Phase Two

I've been working all afternoon to get this gift ready for you. I'm so excited that you try it out!

You know how one of the main complaints of being on Phase 2 is the ..um.. lack of elimination? To put it indelicately, your body just doesn't seem to be able to pooh like it used to! Well, I used RIFE while I was in Phase 2 and didn't really have any problem.

What's RIFE? Well, it's sound frequency therapy. It works on the same principle as the opera singer who can break the champange flute when she hits the high C note. The sound vibrates the glass until it becomes more like a liquid and finally bursts. Certain frequencies, in particular orders, will help your body get rid of illnesses, become energized, or even help your body eliminate waste.

So, my gift for all those who are in Phase 2 is the right combination of frequencies, in the right order, to help your body eliminate. When ever you're feeling "stuck" or like you "can't go," just run the mp3 file, wait about an hour (maybe two) and your body should be ready to move again!

Here's the link:



    Remember the South Park about the brown noise? heheh


  2. Holy snap it works!!! Thanks!

  3. I know! It's awesome, isn't it? :)

  4. OK...I am totally impressed with that :) Not only does it work but it works in such a way that you know that was what did it...amazing...thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Are you serious? i will try but I kinda feel silly doing it lol

  6. Hahaha, Miss Mary! I'm *totally* serious. It works brilliantly. Honest. :)

    It also works fantastically on colds, sinus infections, cancer(!), and loads of other stuff. In fact, my niece and nephew ask first to be "FreXed" if they're not feeling well: anything from a snotty nose to a sprained ankle.


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