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::yawns:: Tired today

Today, I feel like I've been drained of energy. In fact, I got up at 9:30 and was so tired, even after eating, that I felt like I needed to go back to bed by noon. I slept until 5:00!

Of course, the weekend was terribly busy and I didn't get the amount of sleep I'd usually get, but still! 5 hours of extra sleep is a lot. I don't think it's going to interfere with sleeping tonight, either. I feel like I could go back to sleep for another 5 right now.

I've only got about half the calories in that I'm supposed to, so I better get cooking. I was *supposed* to be creating recipes today for P2! It's an easy way to know how many calories adds up to 2000. ::grins:: But I've only got 1000 to play with - of course, that's FOUR of the P2 meals.

There's some yummy dishes we're creating here in the Boyd Kitchen. I'm sure you're all going to love the new recipes when the cookbook finally gets published. My only concern is that I'm going to have this great cookbook and almost no one is going to even know about it! How do you get the word out? Should I create an affiliate place and rely on all of you to see if I can get the word out? Would the readers of Less of Me even do that?

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