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P3, Day 3: Sausage & Eggs

You know how we're supposed to be introducing oils back into our systems during phase three? Well, my system should know all about it again after this morning! I couldn't wait to have a piece of sausage and some scrambled eggs. It didn't look very pretty, but it smelled wonderful and really hit the spot.

But it was unfulfilling in some way; probably because there wasn't any toast or pancakes. But it really filled my stomach and I feel much better. I used to start the day off with a protein (not sausage all the time, of course!) and my blood sugar would remain stable the whole rest of the day. I'd do scrambled eggs and cheese, typically rolled up in a tortilla so I could get out the door as fast as possible.

The cheese last night, where quite tasty, was also unfulfilling. It was like I was building up a great scene, where it should be exciting and interesting and have an unexpected twist at the end. It was all going according to plan and then *boom* an anti-climax hit the scene.


Oh well. At least when I got on the scale this morning, I was under my last hcg weight by a whole pound. Which, really, is the reason I felt brave enough to go ahead and cook sausage and eggs.

I hope the breve tastes better than the sausage and eggs did.

I'll wait for the breve for a few days, though. :)


  1. I'm sorry, but what is breve? I googled it, but none of the definitions I saw made sense ... unless you're talking about espresso with half and half?

  2. Yah, Christy!

    Breve: Short for Espresso Breve. Espresso with half-n-half.

    I thought that, of all my readers, you'd know what it was. :) Considering that you're from Seattle & all. The PNW is the home of espresso! I used to have an espresso house and got hooked on breves. Seriously yummy. Don't try them. Hahahaha!

  3. I can't believe you lost 42 pounds! That is terrific! That is my goal! If you can do it, I hope I can do it!!


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