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P3, Day 2: Cello lesson report

We all headed out to Portland this morning. I started the day off with a hard boiled egg - mostly because I was feeling shaky. You know, the kind of shaky right before your blood sugar drops out the bottom. Not good. I was doing good after I ate that...

So, off I went to cello lesson. Had a GREAT lesson - probably one of my favorites, in fact. Afterward, enjoyed a chicken caesar salad (no - not with the dressing or the croutons) from McDonalds. I don't normally frequent there, but it's pretty hard to mess up a salad. :)

Then, on the way home, I enjoyed a couple of tangerines.

And here's the *best* part.

I waited a full 48 hours after my last set of hcg drops... And...

(are you all awaiting the best part of the post yet?)

I ate a full ounce of cheese. Not just any cheese. I had a lovely Dubliner KerryGold cheese. It's a little sweet followed up by a definite hint of nut flavor.

How absolutely divine after 51 days of NO CHEESE!

1 comment:

  1. Woo!! I can't wait to eat cheese again. Mmmm...Yum.


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