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Discussion: Why do some lose more than others?

Since August, I've been watching a lot of people, myself included, release a lot of pounds. Some lose it slower, some lose it faster. I happened to be one that lost fast - this round. Next round might be different, though. My question is simple: Why?

I think that part of the reason has to be emotional ties to our weight. Maybe another reason is stress and anxiety. Perhaps another reason could be medications that might slow loss. A fourth could be as simple as desire & expectations. Still a whole different reason is one that most people overlook completely - the body-mind-spirit connection.

I've mentioned a few times what my emotional tie to my weight was. I say "was" because I've done some tough emotional work, complete with tears, to get to the point where I can be honest with the reason I "needed" the weight. I used it as a shield to keep people away so I wouldn't get hurt. It was as simple as that. It was as complex as that.


  1. Interesting post....have to mull it over a bit...I like your honesty about hiding yourself so you wouldn't be hurt....I think that is a lot of what overweight people do..myself included...getting past that even when you know it is an issue is sometimes the harder thing to do....the spirit is definitely a thing that runs us all and your comment about it being on the bottom was interesting :) things to think about ;)

  2. Thank you so very much for this post! I really needed it! Just starting out on my third and final round and this round is going to take a lot more mindfulness of not just merely losing weight but taking what I learned from round 2 and allowing those lessons learned about myself and my own view of my weight strengthen and aid me in Round 3! Thanks again!


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