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Muscle Testing

So, I said that I was going to give you all tools that I used while doing HCG. And I said that I was going to stop at Thanksgiving.


I have one more for you, that I use nearly every day and a new reader, Julanne from Oregon, reminded me that I hadn't yet shared the tool! Yikes! It's an important one, too. Muscle testing, or kinesiology is the tool and this one allows your body to tell you yes or no to foods, medicines, activities, and other things you want to do to it. It also can tell you how many of something you should be taking and it's easy peasy.

Here's a video showing the yes/no concept and how to do it: Kinesiology

For finding out how many of something you should be taking, simply ask your body (it'll seem strange at first, but just roll with it - it really does work), "How much should I take," while holding the thing in question over your tummy with your left hand.

So, for example, hold your hcg drops in your left hand (I actually end up sort of pressing it to my tummy with my wrist so I can use my hands) over your stomach. Now, either out loud or silently, ask, "How many drops per day should I be taking for my optimal health?" Then, with your fingers the way it shows in the video, start counting, 10 and test the circle. 20, test the circle. 30, test the circle. 40, test the circle. If the circle breaks here, then go back to 31 and repeat until it breaks:
31, test.
32, test.
33, test.
34, test.
35, test.
36, test.
37, test - mine broke here. So, I need to take 12 drops 3 times per day for "optimal health."

You can also use this concept to test things like FreX and the RIFE recordings I did for both sweet breath and to get you moving again...

I wonder if "Christy in Seattle" will muscle test herself and let us know what her results are for the "get you moving" mp3? (No pressure, Christy! You certainly don't have to!!)

Anyway, that's how I test:
  • Safety for my body with the thing I want to do it.
  • I don't have an allergy to the food/homeopathic/etc.
  • How much of something I need to take for optimal health.
  • To find out if a problem is actually a thing of the body, mind, or spirit. (Weight, for instance, showed up in all three areas for me.)

Please be sure to let me know if you didn't understand this - I can try to make a video so you can see what I'm doing as I do it, but I don't have any HCG left right now, so I'd have to use something else like vitamin C or D3.


  1. That finger-wrestling video is bizarre, silly, ridiculous.

    Is this a joke?

    Please tell me that this is some kind of weird spoof.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Nope, no joke... AND it's being taught in major schools now, too. See: http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&q=science+of+kinesiology&btnG=Google+Search

    I put in "science of kinesiology" and did the search on google.com, just so you know. It's quite real and works very well.

    Try it before you write it off.

    Get something that you know is good for you (an orange or an apple, for instance) and ask if this is good for you. Yes, the fingers stay strong. No, they don't. Then, grab something like a cup of sugar and ask the same thing.

    But definitely give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose, right?

  3. ou said:
    I put in "science of kinesiology" and did the search on google.com, just so you know. It's quite real and works very well.

    Here's my response:
    I put in "ouija homeopathy kinesiology" and did the search on google.com, just so you know. That doesn't make it real. But I could be wrong.

  4. You can actually do this test with anything...its pretty accurate too...hold a can of pop up and your body will tell you you don't need it...

    I've done it with multi vitamins to pick which brand was the best to use...

    I highly recommend using this test on anything!!

    Thanks Jay

  5. Lol, Jim! You sound like one of my good friends, Dave. He's great and, once he tried some of the "woo-woo" stuff that you seem to be objecting to, he uses it now, too. :)

    Just give it a shot and see what your results are. I'm certainly not saying that YOU have to use it... ::grins:: Just don't knock it until you try it.

  6. yes, you were right. we do believe in a lot of the same things, muscle testing included! thanks for sharing this. i just learned to to it with arms and having someone push down. (which was my husband who thinks it's a big crock to muscle test.) i think it works though. ;)

  7. My husband is a therapist and taught me muscle testing! I does work. I've used it for many things, including how long to stay on HCG my first round, and where my body wants to be weight wise! There are many things out there for us, we're our only limitation!


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