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Yesterday's trip to Portland

Yesterday went much better than I thought it was going to. After our cello lesson, we (my family and I) planned to head over to a McDonalds with a play place thing so the kids could play and run off some of that pent up energy from driving 2 hours, then sitting to play instruments for 2 hours.

First, though, we needed to get some supplies. I realized, after looking through my list of recipes that I have not had a *single* salad while following this protocol. That's saying something about recipe creativity, considering salads are supposed to be "diet food." Hahahaha!

Anyway, we headed out to Fred Meyer's and I ran in to get a bag of lettuce.
Mom was having a salad, too, but she wanted a spinach salad after being so sick (she & the kids had the flu). So, I grabbed up a bag of romaine lettuce hearts, a box of baby spinach, and four oranges. Ran through the self check out and paid for them all, then ran back out to the rig.

When we got to McDonalds, Mom went in with the kids and ordered their lunch (we don't often eat at there because it's sooooo not good for the body - normally, we go to Subway). While she was doing that, I grabbed up a Zevia, my salad dressing, a breadstick, and the Cola Chicken made the night before and headed into the restraunt. Found the ideal seat so we could watch the kids play and only then did I realize that I didn't have a bowl to eat out of. I looked around for something that I could use as a make-shift bowl and thought of the lid to the spinach. It was an inverse bowl,
though, so that was not an option. :(

So, I opened the middle of the back of the bag, so it sort of acted like a bowl. I put the chicken on the romaine hearts and added my Walden Farms Asian dressing and *poof* I had a salad! The only thing missing, in my estimation, was cheese. ::grins:: I'm looking forward to Phase 3 just so I can have cheese.

Mom brought a cup of ice and I poured my Zevia into it, so it looked like I was drinking a "regular" soda, just like everyone else. Of course, mine was much more healthy and, therefore, I think it tastes better.

I didn't take pictures. I completely forgot my camera at home. Trying to remember to feed dogs, bring music, cello, recycling, get the kids their music and instruments, grab a notebook for doodling, all the food for following my protocol, and getting it all out to the car is quite a feat. The camera didn't even cross my mind until I was sitting there, ready to eat.

Anyway, it was much easier than I thought it would be, even without a proper bowl. And, as it was the first salad I've had in nearly 40 days, I think the creative minds of Less of Me is doing well!

I was a supper repeater last night when we got home. I made up the Buffaloaf recipe the night before and just needed to heat it up. Almost as soon as I was finished eating, I went to bed. I didn't even offer to help with the dishes or get a desert made up.

How rude of me, right?


This morning, I got on the scale and saw one less number than I did yesterday, too! :)

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