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Questions from a fellow hCGer (and my answers)

NOTE: I researched Walden Farms products and found some disturbing things about Splenda, which is in the Walden Farms products. See the research here:http://lessofmehcg.blogspot.com/2009/10/walden-farms-quick-study.html

Jan F wrote and asked:

Jayme, I noticed u use WaldenFarm dressing and you suggest baking in alum foil packets... No extra fat from baking in those packets? I mean from the meat?? Also where do I get these dressings? Girl you have great food ideas and I'm lookin for flavor so I don't get bored and cheat this time around... Also that jello looks so amazing... I'm making it for tomorrow.. I'm working on an east Indian dish... I'll let you know how it turns out... Also thanks for the info on mensing... That will really help my friends out!!! You rock!!!

My reply was a little long winded, but I think it'll be beneficial for everyone reading my blog, as it's got some great places to find some of the products I use:

Hi Jan,

I got the dressings and ketchup from Rosauers - it's a store in Hood River, OR. I checked with our local Safeway store, too, but they report they don't carry it. You can get it from
http://waldenfarms.com, though! Their website, of course, has lots of things that you might drool over, but make sure that it's no calories, no fat, and no sugar of any kind before you buy... I suppose you could buy it and just use it for phase 3 or later. :)

If you're looking for flavor, my site is the place, for sure. That's the way to stay on any kind of diet. Flavor.

That jello was amazing, but it was soooo filling, too! I only ate half the portion I was allowed - so my portion was 8x5 And I ate 4x5. Hahahaha! I only got 21 calories out of it. ::grins:: The worst part of that was that I ate light the whole day so I could have the whole portion. I came in at only 438 calories that day. Oops. Heh heh heh.

As far as the foil goes, I don't get any extra fat from cooking in them - but it does seal the meat and spices in so it's tender when it's done and flavorful all the way through.

And you know what? You have GOT to get some of the dark chocolate stevia. I got mine at vitacost for $8+change a bottle here:
http://www.vitacost.com/Wisdom-Natural-SweetLeaf-Liquid-Stevia-Chocolate When on menses, I CRAVE chocolate. This time, Tami, my nutritionalist at Daniel's Health Store said that if I took a magnesium pill, the craving would go away. That sort of worked. What really worked was taking the magnesium pill with the White Dark Cocoa I made up with that stevia. It answered the craving perfectly. The other trick I found, all on my own about 12 years ago, is for cramps. I get them to a dibilitating point and couldn't stand to take aspirin for it, so I started experimenting. It turns out that cranberry powder pills will get rid of cramps, generally inside of 20 minutes, and it helps with the bloating, too! As soon as I feel cramps coming on, I take 2 cranberry pills. If it's not completely gone in 20 minutes, I take 2 more. Once or twice, I've had to wait another 20 minutes and take 2 more cranberry - but that was when I didn't take them right away after getting the sensation that I was cramping. I tell all the women I can, because they don't need to take drugs - just cranberry.

I can't wait to try out your East Indian dish - I love spicy food. In fact, I just bought about 12 jalapaneos!

Then I started doing some more research and found something new, so had to reply again!

I also just discovered (thank you products.google.com!) that AllStarHealth.com has Walden Farms products at about a dollar cheaper per product than Walden's website does... http://www.allstarhealth.com/li_b/WALDEN_FARMS.htm

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