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4kDP: Important Reasons, 4 of 4

The last of the series of reasons, at least for now, that I have for my fervent approval of the 4kDP:

The 4kDP is also very forgiving.  If you're out on the run like we were at Cub Scouts Camp, having a different set of proteins, vegetables, and fruits for each meal isn't always possible.  There was a day when we had two meals of cottage cheese, tomatoes, and berries.  There was also a day when I had two meals of eggs, lettuce, and apples.  Even with this, I still reduced my weight both days.

With all the physical activity we got from volunteering, we also found that the basic plan worked, even though we probably should have gone with the "Active Lifestyle" plan that's available through the 4kDP, too. However, it was nice to know that we *could* have done the math, added a few extra large portions of both protein and vegetables, and been just fine.  I suspect that if I'd been more ambitious, I would have done just that, because I didn't load properly in preparation for this round and I was hungry.  :)  My own fault, that, so I figured I'd best just suck it up and take my "medicine."


I think that, since we're not exercising like we were, Mom's body is going through a readjustment period.  Of course, it could also be water retention because she hurt her back, too...  Myself, I'm pretty steadily dropping.  Today & tomorrow, I'm working on another volunteer group's stuff (but I'm the leader/instigator of this one!).  I run atcsjr.com, an art trading site for kids to trade with one another.  The social host we were on went nuts with my bank account, so I'm on the hunt for a new solution.  I think I've found it, oxwall.org software, it's a bit of a learning curve to get it up to snuff where security is concerned.  I can't possibly plug all the holes up, but I need to keep my group members as safe as I can!

So, off to research I go!

Me:  -1.0
Mom:  +0.2

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