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"Round Days Progression"

Just by way of reminder, here's the basic "Round Days Progression":

  1. 2 days loading
  2. 23-40+ days HCG+VLCD
  3. One of the following, depending on type of HCG:
    • Homeopathic HCG:  2 days VLCD, no HCG
    • Injected HCG:  3 days VLCD, no HCG
  4. 21 days no carbs/no sugars, slowly increase your fats/oils intake
  5. 21 days of slowly introduce carbs/sugars
  6. The rest of your life!

1 comment:

  1. Hello - I have a question I am getting ready to start a 40 day and was wondering if I should follow the 6 days on the drops 1 day off - as suggested by Pounds & Inches

    Thank you


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