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-OLD NEWS- Special Deal on HCG!

I just got word that Think HCG Drops has Sold Out of their 2oz bottles.  They are awaiting another shipment within the next couple weeks!
While we wait, I've talked them into offering a $10 off coupon for their 4oz bottles.  So instead of $70 its only $60 for 4oz of HCG Drops!
Coupon Code - "soldout10" - use during checkout at http://www.thinkhcgdrops.com
They mentioned in their email, this coupon code will only be active until they get their next shipment of 2oz bottles.  I think we'll have at least until the 15th of the month before they get more 2oz bottles in stock.
I also talked them into $10 off each 4oz bottle.
Coupon Code
"soldout20" - $20 OFF (minimum 2 - 4oz bottles ordered)
"soldout30" - $30 OFF (minimum 3 - 4oz bottles ordered)
"soldout40" - $40 OFF (minimum 4 - 4oz bottles ordered)
"soldout50" - $50 OFF (minimum 5 - 4oz bottles ordered)
Let this Back to School time really be productive and shed those unwanted pounds quickly!

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