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Sugar Free Thingies

Question from a Facebook Friend: What are your thoughts on sugar-fee chewing gum during p2?

My answer:
In the most strict sense, even sugar-free chewing gum is a no-no. The reason is that all sugar-free sweeteners, save for stevia, are still derived from sugar and have the same effect on a person's blood sugar.

That being said, there's lots of people who do just fine with sugar-free sweeteners *during* P2.

It's the after part that it becomes a little bit dicey. The hypothalamus doesn't properly reset if you "cheat" with sugar-free thingies like that and you get stuck with the weight generally coming back.

That, of course, just means you'll be doing the whole round over again. :(

However, there are Stevia Gums out on the market now!

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