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Hypnosis for HCG?

Over on the Facebook site, I asked if anyone had tried a combination of Hypnosis and HCG to see what the effects were.  Hypnosis sites like this one offer free weight loss hypnosis and other mp3s.  Hypnosis is touted by many to be very effective at doing things on a subconscious level.  The site I mentioned says:
Weight loss hypnosis is a must-have addition to any weight loss program. It helps keep your discipline and motivation levels up, so that you can continue through the program until you have reached all your weight loss goals. Now you can try weight loss hypnosis completely free and be prepared to see amazing results as the pounds drop off week by week.
So, if it's a "must-have" addition, I have to wonder if we should add it to our repertoire and start using it, too?

I've not run into anyone personally who has used hypnosis at all, let alone in conjunction with HCG.  Perhaps it must be time to add it to the testing roster?  lol.

Have any of you experience with hypnosis?

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