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Steps: Mom did well!

Mom is doing very well on Step2 of my test.  She dropped 1.2# today.  This far into VLCD, that is just absolutely unheard of for her.  About now, day 9 of VLCD, she historically slowed down to a .4# or .5# loss.  So, we're very happy with this result.

Myself, I'm also on Step2.  I was hoping to counteract the effects of being female.  I'm still in weird-o female cycle land, so we can't really go by my results.  All I can say is, I feel great and at least I'm dropping this cycle!  Historically, I'd start my cycle and just stick like a magnet to whatever weight I was at when I started the thing (or gain a little) during my cycle.  So, my little 2# drop over the past few days has been a happy experience, too.

Over all, I'm very happy with the Steps concept.  We still have Step3 (LM 0/3) in reserve as well as a few other Steps, if necessary to maintain a higher weight loss and avoid the slow down time.

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