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Getting Vitamin C while in Phase 2

It's still the cold/flu season and, especially if we're not taking vitamins in Phase 2, that leaves us a little on the susceptible side where those things are concerned.  However, you can use an old-as-the-hills recipe called Tannenbaum Tea to get really high amounts of Vitamin C any time you want.  In fact, back when Jacques Cartier came over and discovered Canada, half his crew was already dead from scurvy.  The rest of the crew were treated with Tannenbaum Tea by the natives.  Everyone who drank the tea survived, according to the history books.

In Eat the Weeds, it states that scientists  find the needles of Pinus strobes (White Pine) contain high amounts of Vitamin A and five times the Vitamin C of lemons!

Personally, I like the tea from the needles of these trees:  Cedar, Fir, Pine, & Spruce.  For identification, The Manual of Oregon Trees and Shrubs is one of the best resources.

So, how do you make it?

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