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Yae! Our site is available in other languages now!

Have you ever experienced something that you thought was going to be HARD and then found that it was ...duh. Easy? It's sort of like the HCG Diet, right? Initially, I thought that was going to be one of the most difficult things I'd ever done. But it was simple after I decided to just do it.

I've had that same lesson with something I thought was going to be difficult turning out to be easy. I added translation to our site so people all around the world can read our site and get to their Less of Me, too! It's right up at the top of the site, just under the logo. See it? Choose a language from the drop down menu and tah-dah! The whole site is a new language!

I don't speak any language other than English (and some American Sign Language), so I have no idea how well this works, but I gave it a shot. If you know a couple of languages, will you let me know if the tool is translating my site into something understandable in the other language?


Here's to Less of Us all around the world!

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