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Thinking about the Holidays

I was just sitting here thinking about the holidays.  You know how the media circulates that people eat LOTS of stuff over the holidays that they wouldn't normally eat, which is why everyone freaks out in January and they all diet like crazy until the summer?

With other diet plans, a pound a week is doing good and considered "healthy."  So, if you gained 20 pounds over the holidays, you'd have to figure FIVE MONTHS of dieting just to get them back off.  But we've all got an ace in our back pockets with HCG.  It truly is a miracle, isn't it?  Gain 20 pounds in 30 days, take 'em back off the next 20.

I'm getting ready to do a Cookie Swap just after Christmas because that's when Daphne comes back home from visiting her (other) relatives and I couldn't fathom leaving her out of such a fun event.  I've gained 5# back from what I lost, which is still within reason, but it's not the 2# that Simeon recommended.  lol.

My brain isn't quite functional right now, so I hope you can follow my thought train, but the whole nine yards led me to think that Christmas or New Years is the perfect Loading Days time!

If you started Christmas Day, you'd be in Lifetime Maintenance ON Valentine's Day.  See:

If you Loaded on New Year's, you'd be all finished *and* probably have all 20 of those pounds back off, your thyroid reset, and completely ready for swimsuit season a full month before Spring arrives.  You'd actually be at your thin state in time for all the Spring Breaks in March!  See:

So, with either option, you're looking all sexy and svelt three months before anyone else is.  How rockin' awesome cool is that??

By the way, if you use Google Calendars, you can just click on that little Google Calendar button at the bottom right of your chosen calendar and it'll open up Google Calendars for you, then ask if you want to add it to your calendar.  :)  Easy, peasy!

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