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17 Day Diet

Wow!  I was just watching Dr. Phil with Mom (the end of it, anyway).  There's a new diet out there that goes in 17 day cycles.  17 days on, 17 days off, on, off, on, off, etc.  That sounds like a terrific idea to me - strict for a couple weeks, not strict the rest?  Nice!  Reports on Dr. Phil state that people take off about a pound every three days.  Reasonable, I think.

Trouble with that, for me, at least is that you don't get the return on your time investment.  Even with the appeal of getting to go back to normal earlier in the game, the sooner you go back, the more likely you are to gain in the 17 days between because you didn't do anything about resetting your hypothalamus.

I still like the concept of a 17 day cycle, but the trade offs just don't seem like they're worth it.  You know?

What do you think?

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