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HCG Drops at 25% off!

I just received an email confirmation that ThinkHCGdrops.com is extending their 25% Sale!
They ran out of 4oz bottles early into the last sale a couple weeks ago... I chatted with them and let them know there was quite a few of our clients who wanted the 4oz bottles and the discount.
So they have extended the 25% off Sale till Nov 20th. This is 12 more days to get a fantastic deal! I've also heard they sold out of the 2oz bottles but are expecting another shipment this week.
Use "promo25" during checkout and you'll get 25% off your entire order!
This company has been the best to work with lately. Their drops are more effective than most as they are made without alcohol.
*You should keep your drops in the fridge to prolong their effective life.

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