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Homeopathic News!

I'm studying Homeopathy on the side here at home.  The book (Practical Homeopathy by Vinton McCabe, ISBN 0-312-20669-0) is big and the reading dry, until I came to the almost the end, where I found this information:

Articles of Diet Allowed During Homeopathic Treatment
DRINK - Pure fresh water is preferable to all other drinks.  Weak black tea is fine in most cases.  Avoid milk and all other dairy.  Avoid coffee.  Avoid herbal teas unless you are sure that the herbs included in the mix are not medicinal and will not interfere with treatment.
FRUIT - All kinds of ripe fruits not of an acid quality, such as apples, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, sweet cherries, sweet oranges, melons, and cantaloupes are fine as long as you are sure they will not disagree with the patient's digestion.
VEGETABLES - Peas, beans, lima beans, asparagus, squashes, carrots, and broccoli are fine for most patients.    Other vegetables...will often disagree , as will cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
MEATS - Tender lean beef, chicken, and turkey are usually fine for patients who eat meat, although in acute or inflammatory diseases, animal proteins are seldom a good idea.
FISH - Fresh fish, such as perch, rock, sea bass, mackerel, shad, and small creek fish are fine, as are tuna steak and salmon.  Avoid shellfish of any sort.
The meals should be taken at regular intervals, the food well masticated, and not eaten hurriedly.  Long fasting or eating between meals should be scrupulously avoided.  Do not take food very hot or cold, not when greatly exhausted.

Articles of Diet Forbidden During Homeopathic Treatment
The following articles of diet should be avoided while under homeopathic treatement, not only on account of the injurious effect which they have upon the system, but because they antidote the effects of the medicine.
DRINKS - All alcoholic and fermented beverages, coffee, green tea, herb teas, and all natural and artificial mineral waters should be avoided.
FRUITS - Pineapples, cranberries, and all kinds of nuts and fruits not mentioned on the allowed list.
VEGETABLES - Salads, pickles, spices, parsley, celery, radishes, horseradish, onions, all kinds of peppers, catsup, mustard, nutmeg, and ginger should all be avoided.
BREAD - You should avoid cakes prepared with much fat or with aromatics, pastry, pies, honey, and all kinds of confectionery; also baked goods that hive icing or contain a good deal of sugar.
MEATS - Liver should be avoided. Completely avoid pork and all pork products; also dairy products, especially cheese and butter.  Ice cream should be avoided, and fruit ices substituted.
FISH - All shellfish should be avoided.
All perfumes, minted toothpaste, and other cosmetics should be dispensed with during treatment.  As it is important to keep your diet as simple as possible, it is also important to keep your environment as simple as possible.  Therefore, avoid all chemical cleaners and all room sprays and other aromatics.

So, looking at the list of allowed foods, the above information could explain small losses after eating shrimp, cucumbers as pickles, my trick of cranberry powder to relieve headaches, green teas, herb teas, and coffee.  Interestingly enough, that also could explain why Mom experienced almost no losses in one of our rounds when she was using perfumes.

Anyway, it's something to consider for those of us who chose Homeopathic HCG.  :)

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