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Prep for VLCD for everyone following the Christmas Loading Days calendar!

You've had one whole day of Loading.  Congratulations!  The Loading Days are always the most difficult for Mom & I.  We always feel so...  icky, full, bloated, uncomfortable, just overall yuck.  On the second day of Loading, I generally feel green and have a tough time keeping the food I'm eating down and gag reflexes start kicking in.  Ever try to eat a cream cheese brioche and drink a breve when you just can't seem to swallow?  Sometimes, the breve comes out your nose a little.  Ouch!  It's hot!  I DON'T recommend it at all.

Anyway, while you're not in the mood for food at all, it's the perfect time to sit down and figure out what you're going to have for tomorrow's meals (and, to make the costs of the foods lower, what you'll have for the next week or so).  It's Sunday, so the paper in your area should be stuffed full of the latest ads so you can peruse and find the best deals on the meat, which is really the most expensive part of this program because it's got to be lean, lean, lean and if you can get organic on your budget, that's a bonus.

Just in case you don't have it, here's the list of what we all get to eat while following VLCD.  This list is the list of foods that Mom & I follow.  We've always experienced wonderful results following it; I'm sure you will, too.  When I was on VLCD, I even printed that post out and kept it in my backpack/purse so I'd just have it as a reference.  It was handy and, especially in the beginning, made life much easier because I didn't have the whole thing memorized.

It's also time to change out your toiletries tonight:
  • Your regular anti-persperant for Crystal Deodorant Rocks
  • Your regular lotion for Corn Husker's Oil-Free Lotion
  • Your regular beauty regimine for stuff that's Oil-Free (I don't wear makeup, so can't really help you there; I'd be completely making stuff up and feel like I was leading you astray if I said anything on this topic.  Since that's just NOT who I am, might there be any suggestions from the readers who've already been there, done that?)
  • Your regular hand soap for Pear's Oil-Free Soap
  • Your regular shampoo for Magick Shampoo
Look around for other oil-containing things that you might use and find some oil-free substitutes for them!

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