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To Load or Not To Load (a third day)....

Today, that is the question for lots of you!

There's a couple of schools of thought floating around the internet about doing two or three loading days.  For everyone who's following the Christmas Loading Days calendar, today, you're faced with that choice.  Dec 25, 26, & 27 or just Dec 25 & 26?

In the calendar, I've got just two days.  I tried both ways and found that the third day just was wasted (waisted?) time in getting to VLCD.  The only reason I can come up with for going ahead with the third day of loading is to satisfy a craving you weren't able to answer during the first two days.  If you *know* it's going to get you in the end, go ahead and add the third day, absolutely.  But, really, other than that single reason, I saw no other benefit to adding a third day of loading.

In fact!

I found that I gained the MOST weight on that third day and didn't even out to where I was pre-loading days until the sixth day of VLCD.  I was *not* impressed with that.  Two days of dieting for every one day of loading to take it off?

Nope.  Not worth it to me!

There's more shopping to do today, if you're following the Two Loading Days schedule, like in the calendar below.  If you're following the Three Day option, not to worry - just get your VLCD stuff in order a little early!  :)  There's some more instructions on the calendar, in your To Do list, too.  If you've lost the link or didn't subscribe to the calendar, here it is again:

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