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Question from Misty on the FB page: Just curious for those of you when you started the HCG diet/drops does it really matter what you eat for your 500 calerie a day? or is it okay just to stray a bit? someone told me 4 pieces of melba toast to me that is a waste of 200 caleries. Can the 200 caleries be consumed elsewere or do you have to stick to the 2 fruit 2 vegi 2 meat and 4 melba toast???

When I first started HCG, I completely stuck with the plan that I was given by my nutritionist, Tami. I did *everything* to the T, dotted my i's and so forth.

I have since discovered that there are more "plans" out there for following HCG than I have pairs of socks. All of them work for someone, but not all of them will work for YOU or ME.

The biggest take-away that I've learned from following HCG and what to do if I have a question is to listen to my own body. The advice coming from others is what works for their bodies and that's the only advice they can give. But, ultimately, the outlined plan they follow may not work for your body. You just have to listen to it and fiddle with the best outcomes!

But the listening part is the absolute most important thing you can do. It also seems to be the hardest thing each of us needs to learn, too. In fact, the listening part is more about your emotions, rather than your stomach and we all want to avoid actually feeling what we really feel.
I was just looking at the books I have here at home & that I've got set as ones I recommend in the Less of Me store. Four out of 11 books are about emotions and feelings.

Nearly TWENTY-FIVE percent! Look for yourself: http://astore.amazon.com/lessofme-20?node=7&page=1

What's remarkable to me is that we need to be reminded that giving attention to that which we keep running from will ultimately set us into balance - the point we're all striving for - having a healthy happy body, freedom of guilt at eating that "bad" food.

There's two key words there in that last paragraph: Balance & Freedom.

To get those things into our lives for really, though, we must step forward and recall the emotions that set us out of balance. When we work through those emotions, we also work through the driving force of why we're out of balance with food. Until that happens, no matter how great the diet is, it will ultimately fail - even HCG.

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