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Multi Glandular Support Test

I've been researching some things to make the post-HCG part of the program easier. There's so many people who are devastated when they gain a little bit back; which is understandable, to be sure.

It occurred to me that we're making the hypothalamus WORK while we're taking HCG, but then we don't support it's new state after we're done with making it work. Everything I know of can't perform this way. Cars - run them hard and not add fluids, you get an engine that doesn't work. Horses - run them hard and, unless you give them a cool off period and rub down their muscles, they can die. Humans - run them hard and, unless you take care of them, they shut down.So, when thinking about that, I went searching for a way to support the hypothalamus after the VLCD part. I found a few possibilities. First, I thought about supporting *only* the hypothalamus. Then, it occurred to me that we should really be supporting all of the glands and organs because we've just made them all work like crazy during the VLCD part.

So, after researching some more, I found a great product that looks like *just* the thing. Here it is: http://www.elixirs.com/products.cfm?productcode=GL218 If you follow this blog, you know I frequently test stuff out on myself and family. If it works for me/them, I invite a few more people to test it out with us. Once we've got about 20 people all with the same results, then I let everyone know about it so we can all have better lives! :)

We have all experienced the same results, with the exception of one person who also is diagnosed with low-thyroid medical issues.

Essentially, the results are that these take about 10 days to really kick in and help. So, I'm recommending that you start taking these 10 days before you're going to enter P3. Then, when you do get to P3, this just really helps with stabilizing.

I'm working on getting a discount on this product, too, so keep watching here!

Here's to Less of us!


  1. Hi Jay! When I looked at the product info, it says that there is a sucrose base - sugar. No one found this to be a problem during the last part of P2?
    Thanks for sharing the info - I have had a hard time stabilizing less than 8 pounds over my LIW - this might do the trick. Has it helped others stay in that 2 pound range?

  2. Hi Lis,

    It is a sucrose base (sugar), but the pellets are itty bitty and you only take 5 per day. There's 18x more sugar in your fruit (apples) than these have. No one has reported any problems at all, even while in P2.

    This has dramatically helped others stay within the 2# range, some of us even report that it helps us stablize around the -3# or -4# mark. It's been a real blessing for those of us who've tested it!


  3. Fantastic! How long did you take it? Through the end of P3?

  4. Mom chose to continue taking it even through P4/Lifetime maintenance until she stablized out. Once she got stable, she started using it only if she planned to "indulge" in something "big" like at a BBQ or something of that sort.

  5. Hi, I have been following your blog for sometime now and am interested in the glandular support. Im on r2p2 with homeopathic drops. I had a hard time getting my weight to stay down in phase 4.I definitly did not over eat and felt very discourged. My question is- Are these onlt for people with thyriod issues? I orded them but wont be on it for the total 10 days before phase 3.Im due to end phase 3 May 11th. Will that effect the results? Does this interfere with the hcg and resetting at all? hoe are the 20 people who tried it stabalizing in life phase?
    Thank You,

  6. Hi Andre & Jasmine!

    We encountered the same thing, as did LOTS of other people - seriously discouraging to drop weight like that only to gain it back again. :(

    This is for *anyone* (on HCG or not). It simply supports the glands that have control of releasing weight. The better those are supported, the better off your weight stablization is.

    So, if you go into P3 before you hit that 10 day mark, you might see a few little bumps on the road, but nothing like you saw last time around. It becomes really most effective at 10 days, from everyone in the testing.

    It didn't interfere with HCG when any of us did opt to take it; no problems with resetting nor with continued weight releases. It just made stablizing ...easier. :)

    Everyone who's used it so far hasn't anything but YAE to say about it. It just smooths the road out and makes maintaining as easy as HCG makes releasing in the first place.

  7. Hi,

    Sounds good. Thanks for the info.


  8. Hi,
    What are the instructions for taking the glandular pellets? Do you take 5 all at the same time? in the morning or night? After meals or before? Chew them or let them dissolve? Sorry for all the questions. I just want to get this right. Im really excited to try these!
    Thanks so much for all you info.

  9. I've been taking all 5 just before bed, leaving them under my tongue until they're all dissolved. Easy-peasey! :)

  10. I am one week into P3 and having a really difficult time stabilizing, I seem to spend more days doing the apple and cheese then eating regular food and I am not cheating with any sugars or starches, which make the fluctuations even more depressing. I just ordered the glandular pellets, but wanted to know if you think they will help me seeing as that I am already in P3 and it will be a few days before I receive them.

  11. Hi Jay,
    I'm having a little different experience with the multi glandulars. I would like to share and get a little help. would it be possible to get your email.


  12. Yes, of course! lessofmehcg@gmail.com

    My email is always at the bottom of the blog, too.

  13. Please can you post any additional info you have on the multi glandular pellets. I have been having the hardest time stabilizing, if I have one day on "regular" food without cheating I still am way up the next day and have to spend 4 days alternating between apple and cheese and egg days in order to try and get back down. I started the multi glandular on Friday, but am nervous it will help me tsabilize at my higher weight instead of helping me get back to my original number.

  14. Hi Jay,
    I need some advice.I started taking the muti glands a good 10 days before p3. I have had a lot of ups and few downs. My first round in p3 I went up each day until I had to do a steak day. My body must love this pattern because same thing happened in this 2nd round on p3, up everyday until a steak day. I'm on p3 day 15and am doing steak day #3. I stopped taking the multi glandulars because I figured they were not working. I stopped them on day 9. My weight went down for 2days after that, then a huge 2lb gain over night. Is it possible to over tax the glands? Could making them work harder cause issues? Do the multi glandulars work once your body is stable? Or do they help it to stable? I'm eating all p3 foods, but knowing I have to be careful with nuts and coconut. I mainly eat protein and vegis. I do have some fruit every know and then and luuuuv nuts but try to go easy on them. My pattern is up, up, steak day then down and back up till another steak day! what do you think? what are others experiencing? I know everbodys body is different and responds differently but it sounds like your test had good results. Would it benifit me to keep taking the multis or not.Again any asweres would greatly help.

  15. Just lost 30 lbs on hcg and now am gaining steadily on P3 and am VERY upset! My LDW was 166 and I'm up to 170 now and that's with a steak CD! I hope this works for me--I have ALL the signs of hypothyrpidism and burnt out adrenals but can't get a dr to treat me for it! SO frustrating


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